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Meet the Crew
Stuart Davis, Owner, comes from a long line of home builders.  His rich family tradition has given him over 33 years of experience with Davis Construction, combined with his crew of over 150 years of experience. 

David Hammett, Foreman, has been with Davis Construction for 43 years.  His impeccable skills have given him the reputation as one of the best carpenters in the state. 

Charles D. Miller "Chuck", Carpenter, celebrates his 32nd year with Davis Construction and is a hard working, dependable asset.

Steve Miller, Laborer, has 16 great years with Davis Construction.  With past experience as a self-employed business owner in the roofing industry, he brings a wealth of knowledge to our company.

Carlett Jenkins, Laborer, has been a consistent, dedicated employee with Davis Construction for 28 years.

Jim Hope, Jamie Jackson, and Reo Dinning are also an integral part of Stuart Davis Construction operation.